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A Good Conscience, Baptism, and Returning Home

A Good Conscience, Baptism, and Returning Home

Is it possible to go back and change actions and choices that put us on a less-than-ideal course for life? Not exactly. But then again, the grace of the final exodus from all the places the Lord’s people are scattered, from every tongue, people, and nation, from every circumstance, difficulty, and challenge does align our past with Christ’s second coming. The final return from spiritual Babylon back to the place where the first man and woman experienced unbroken fellowship with God actually transforms past events.  



Restoration of fellowship with God comes through His Son Jesus the Messiah. Jesus also gives us His will to do what pleases God here on earth. By God’s infinite grace, wisdom, and mercy, He does not require us to make up for past indiscretions and poor choices. He transforms them by His grace and mercy, freeing us to live pleasing to God as if all the choices we have ever made have all been exactly His ideal will, exactly what pleases Him. The transformation of past events empowers every day with the very real hope of God transforming our bodies and all His creation for His honor.


Getting back to close fellowship with God as Adam and Eve experienced in the Garden or mountain of Eden (as Ezekiel describes it) takes our hearts being in the right place for alignment with God and His will. It takes the grace and power of Jesus in being granted a new heart, a soft heart in place of a heart of stone, obedience in the place of disobedience. A changed heart is the precious first domino to fall, causing rippling effects into our past, our future, and our present.

In this final return to God, all past wrong decisions become transformed as if we made the right and best choice at every juncture. This is not wishful thinking or self-delusion; science affirms that this kind of actual change takes place. The rest of life, then, is like going back home to a place we’ve never been before, the place Christ has prepared for us to be with Him.

A pure conscience is the result of this kind of fire baptism, if you will, with God purging us from all the guilt of the past, so we can stand before God whole and unashamed. In the Spirit, Jesus removes our old filthy garments and clothes us with a royal robe and crown of victory. By the grace and power of Jesus, we can live in good conscience before God, pleasing Him the remainder of our days here on earth.

People may see us, and even judge us, according to the flesh based on our obvious flaws, our past decisions, or present circumstances. While the outward circumstances in which we find ourselves may change immediately, slowly, or not at all, what matters is our changed heart, our living the rest of our lives serving God fervent in spirit pleasing the Lord.

At the right time, God will not only transform the bodies of our humble estate to conform to the reality of heaven, but He will also transform all creation and conform all things to His glory. 

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