February 28, 2017

I have a fundamental belief that Jesus Christ is Lord of everything including economics, and that His reign should be at the heart of all financial decisions. Along those lines, the saying goes that a person’s income is usually an average of the five people he or she spends the most time with.

The way I’ve chosen to apply this is to spend time with five different people. The first and foremost on a daily basis is Jesus the Messiah. All wealth and glory and honor belong to Him and Him alone. He is the one whom I seek to guide the application of all I learn, to help me discern what is from Him and what I should reject out of hand from the others I associate with.

The other four people I have chosen (and I believe the Lord is leading me) to spend my time with on a fairly consistent basis I cannot literally meet with for a cup of coffee or a game of tennis, and one of them has even passed from the scene. I can, however, read what they’ve written.

The basic list includes David Allen (I’m reading his updated version of Getting Things Done), Benjamin Graham (He was Warren Buffet’s mentor), Rabbi Daniel Lapin (Thou Shalt Prosper), and Anthony Robbins (Money Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom).