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Answering The Messy Parts of Life

Not too long ago, while walking around my neighborhood, pieces of a broken bottle littered the sidewalk in front of me. After that, I avoided that area, except one time when I was occupied with my dogs and forgot about the glass. By accident, I walked right through the fragments, fortunately without stepping on any […]

Christian Maturity and The Fight for Life

In the United States and the world, the attempt for total dominance over thought and action by people with global ideals did not come into fruition over night. Fortunately, the movement appears not to have taken further root in the U.S. as the election of Donald Trump, an outsider to both Democrat and Republican political […]

A Room With A View Inside Paradise

Do you have something you understand from an insider’s point of view, a favorite sport or hobby, a particular talent or skill? Avid football fans, for instance, speak with special insight about their favorite team, its coach, and the talent of individual players. A tennis enthusiast may speak of tennis as if no other sport […]

Truth for Living, The Art of War, and The Greatest Commission

An Old Testament belief that surfaces in the New Testament is that one generation may complete the work of the previous generation, what one generation intends, the next generation may fulfill. Solomon had both the privilege and responsibility to complete the work his father King David wanted accomplished. Solomon built the temple and brought David’s [...]

Hope and The Number Forty-Two

We are now in what I believe to be a forty-two month period of preparation for Christ’s return, when victories are determined for the people of God, in anticipation of Jesus’ descent from heaven and the ultimate manifestation of His glory. This article explains what this assertion means and does not mean.   Summary: Because [...]

God’s Word And Christ’s Return

Because of what Jesus said to a rich young ruler, the man walked away feeling discouraged and downtrodden. The words of our Savior may have the same initial effect upon us, but believing Jesus says what He says to us because He loves us and only wants what is best for our lives produces the […]

Noah, Us, Trump, and The Election

The old Motown lyric, “There’s no place to run…no place to hide” expresses obsessive love. While all may not be obsessed with love, many have some form of obsession. Some are obsessed with politics or hobbies; others, with music or other interests.   Summary: The U.S. election of Donald Trump did not solve the moral [...]

Pieces of The Best Advice

Jim Rohn, a believer in Christ and world re-known motivational speaker, gave one of the best pieces of advice I have heard recently. He said not to do what people say, but study, learn and decide what works for you. Choose what works with your values. Everyone has values, but which one should dominate all [...]

The Sound of The Trumpet

If we happen to hear one person say to another, "Thank you for treating me”, and we only hear those words and nothing else, we most likely have no idea what brought about this expression of gratitude. We see the things around us as snapshots. We don’t see what came before or what will come [...]

How to Guarantee Complete Joy and True Fulfillment

Life is not a tightrope.  The way of guaranteeing a completely off kilter life is to try to work out the life balance mystery. This worldview, though popular, is foreign to what the Bible and Christ Himself advocates. Embracing the grace of God for all of life’s ups and downs and twists and turns guarantees [...]