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Christian Maturity and The Fight for Life

In the United States and the world, the attempt for total dominance over thought and action by people with global ideals did not come into fruition over night. Fortunately, the movement appears not to have taken further root in the U.S. as the election of Donald Trump, an outsider to both Democrat and Republican political machines, has thrown a monkey wrench into the works, but the point here is beyond understanding the quest for dominance. The church must not ignore the exposure of the corrupt worldly systems but rather arise appropriately in the power of God.



Understanding the demise of nations is not simply a matter of accounting it so as a matter of record. Christians must respond definitively with a changed mindset and not fall backwards into old patterns of thinking. We should see old ways as insufficient and changed thinking necessary. Moving forward takes changed hearts for renewing our minds and transforming our lives. As co-laborers with Christ, we apply God’s word in every area where He leads us. We are not only called to personal obedience to God through Christ but to obey Him in the every day issues of life. Every day, every circumstance, is an opportunity for Christ to exert His authority into our environment to impact it for His glory.


Over decades, godless humanistic philosophies invaded our North American universities as well as our secondary and elementary schools. They pervaded our national news outlets, the entertainment industry, and social consciousness. It is not only a U.S. phenomenon. People all over the world have been exposed to clever and insidious propaganda.

Now it is time for Christians to grow up and live with eyes wide open, walking in victory with hands firmly gripping the handles of the plow, securely taking each step forward without looking back, blocking the sound of sirens, opening our ears wide only to God’s word, and coming out from under the influence of world systems which have enslaved since the fall of humanity to sin.

We must advance, turning up the earth in fresh rows in the ground of our thinking and lifestyle. This is done first by overcoming. Living victoriously stems from a return to God as the only source of life and strength, hope and salvation. We must fight and overcome defeatist, 2nd class citizen ways of thinking we have been assigned by the world and conditioned to accept without question. We must overcome faulty assumptions we have allowed to chain us to this earth. We must instead choose to bring every thought captive to the life-giving connection to the grace of God in the voice of Jesus, who shall appear from heaven.

We are co-laborers with Christ who is bringing all things in heaven and on earth under His reign. Recently, while reading a book called The Obstacle is The Way, I took to task the ideas of stoicism. Confronting them with the truth of God’s word removed their influence upon my thinking. Actually, Jesus had already stripped them of their authority because of His victory over every principality and power through His death on the cross and His resurrection from the dead. I only brought the reality of God’s word to bear in my mentality and categorically rejected the false god of Greek philosophy. We should stand upon the truth in every situation as God leads us, connecting God’s word to daily life and fleeing idolatry.

Seventy is the number of connection, restoration, and fulfillment. Seventy years have nearly past since Israel became a nation, and seventy weeks is the time the book of Daniel identifies for the ushering in of victory for the people of God. The Hebrew letter Ayin has the value of seventy and its meaning is “eye”. Both the letter and its meaning imply connection and totality. By exerting God’s word in every area of life, we elevate life as the number seven is elevated to seventy. As we exalt God’s word as our shield, we enter more into Christ’s reign now and the hope of its totality to come.

Every area of life is our soil to plow. Every principle accepted without question in the past affords us the opportunity to declare the word of God and assert the legitimate claim of Jesus as the rightful heir of all things. He disarmed every principality by His death and resurrection on the cross. While Christ’s Messianic rule will be manifest against all who suppress the truth in ungodliness, in due time Christ will be revealed from heaven to reward His faithful servants who are exerting His authority in the spiritual realm.


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