For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: Why is the cost 70 per hour?

A: I took the going rate and divided it by 3.


Q: Why should I pay upfront?

A: People who are willing to pay are serious about what they want.


Q: Is this coaching?

A: Coaching is ongoing. This is meant to provide strategic answers within a defined period of time.


Q:  Will I be tried to be sold something else?

A: No, there’s no up-sell, no other products will be offered.


Q: Do people really need a consultant?

A: Some people do not. The people that do see the value in it.


Q: What makes you think you can help me?

A: I was trained (bachelor’s and master’s level) to diffuse innovations to transform culture.


Q: If I’m not satisfied before 30 minutes, when will I be refunded? 

A: While I am on the phone with you, I will click refund. The time it takes to show back on your card or in your account depends on your bank.


Q: Is my transaction secure? 

A: Be Found Faithful uses SSL which encrypts and secures your information. We use STRIPE payment gateway rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau.