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February 20, 2017

Today I was struck by something Steve Jobs said in an interview. To paraphrase, he was saying that the hard work goes into the process that happens between an idea and the product itself. I can see how this is the case in my own life.

Having an idea is not the problem and neither is seeing the goal I’d like to accomplish and what I believe the Lord wants me to achieve as He leads. The hardest part is putting in the work, which means making adjustments, maybe even redefining or at least refining the goal as the Lord directs.

As Jobs said, doing the hard work takes a willingness for the final product, the goal in my case, not to come out exactly as it was envisioned. 

The Lord knows the results He desires. What a great blessing to be able to walk with Him as Jesus Himself leads me to navigate what’s ahead like an Assault Breacher Vehicle clearing the way.

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