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The greatest freedom in all the world is discovering that pleasing the Lord in all things is not burdensome but empowering.

I pray the messages here will help you experience the righteousness, transformation, and guaranteed victory Jesus promises.

This site focusses on…

  • Connecting with God as Creator through His Son Jesus Christ.
  • Accomplishing our role in His great plan.
  • Achieving victory, success, and fruitfulness in life.
  • Trusting in God’s promises.
  • Opportunity to connect with others for God’s glory. 

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  • A Good Conscience, Baptism, and Returning Home
    April 8, 2017

    A Good Conscience, Baptism,...

  • The Great Salt Lake, The Grand Staircase, and Hurricane, Utah
    April 2, 2017

    The Great Salt Lake,...

  • Getting Back To The Return of Christ
    March 26, 2017

    Getting Back To The...


Resources For Personal Growth and Christian Empowerment

  • connect with God
    Never again missing God’s best means...
  • never miss God's best
    Whom God created us to be reaches...
  • your unique call
    God has given each of us...
  • God's promises for you
    Not settling for anything...
  • dwell in the house of the Lord
    Doing what we were born to do...

Truths That Unite

God alone has the answers.

We know God alone has the key to set us free to serve Him with all our heart.


Christ lights our path.

Everything that has come into being has come from Him, and He will lead us.

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A Good Conscience, Baptism, and Returning Home
Getting Back To The Return of Christ

Why Stop Here Along Your Way?


Being Found Faithful – A Journey and Destination

Destiny embeds itself in the journey. That’s why being faithful is essential. It guarantees our inheritance of things to come. It proves God’s purpose on earth.

But we need to change. Otherwise, how will we be ready to stand before Christ.

And if we’re honest, history  reveals that need. God knew all we would do and still has grace for us. We need to change now, so we are ready for Him today.

Being prepared today is the implication of Christ’s return. As the future breaks into now,  God is weaving each narrative into a tapestry of grace to draw all to Himself.

Our record is essential to God’s plan. God’s plan and our role in it is what Be Found Faithful is about!


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