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How God Can Use Our Business

How God Can Use Our Business

Let me clarify. God does not need our business, but He uses it to bless those involved according to His will and grace.

God’s grace is amazing.

In a home purchase I recently brokered, my client was able to find a beautiful home that remarkably matched his wants and needs in a highly desirable area of Southern California for a great price.

The seller received what she wanted, and all the parties involved — the real estate brokers, escrow, and loan agent — all profited from the deal.

Beyond that, the place my client was renting is now available for his friend to occupy. This is a blessing not only to my client’s friend but also to the owner of the rental property.

Daniel Lapin in his insightful book Thou Shalt Prosper provides similar examples to demonstrate how God intends business to bless all those involved, when one person chooses to use his or her skills to bless others.

Taking that one step further, we as daily followers of Christ, walking with God through the grace of Jesus His Anointed and living in integrity from victory to victory, show the praises of Him who has called us out of darkness into His glorious light.

God demonstrates out in the real world of life and business His victory over all principalities and powers, His victory declared on our behalf, our inheritance based on Christ’s resurrection power.

There is nothing in the world like experiencing God’s will to impact lives, demonstrating Christ’s authority on the earth and over all His enemies.

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