Some people say that modern life requires every person to become an entrepreneur, while others say no, that cannot be because not everyone wants to be nor do they have the skills to be one.

Leadership and Synergy Concept Illustration : A number of Swans flying against a deep blue sky background lead by a big dark leader swanThat issue highlights an underlying cultural problem right now without offering a valid solution, but there is a solution for each of us. Christian empowerment puts Christ Himself at the center of life and enables His people to adapt and succeed even as reality changes at breakneck speed.

The problem is that employees expect to be paid enough money to prosper or at least get by. This expectation is further and further disconnected from reality. New reality requires that we change our thinking.

The truth is that working as an employee rarely pays enough dividends to sustain a family without more than one person working in each home. Even highly paid employees such as doctors and actors often live beyond their means. This indicates a different problem, a systemic one. 

In order to produce profitable results that change the world and provide what people need to live, people need purpose and drive. They need to do what they do because God has called them to do it. In that case, they should have all they need from the hand of God as the Lord provides for the birds of the air and clothes the flowers of the field.

The question is, how can we do what God has called us to do when we have bills to pay and mouths to feed? Do we quit our jobs? In most cases that would be foolish. The key to true freedom in Christ is to first renew our minds according to God’s word on the subject.

Radical individualism has moved the old Greek concept of household from the family unit into the realm of business. Maybe that’s why businesses grow and flourish while households experience reduced spending power year after year. Successful businesses utilize a franchise system. What that means is that a business succeeds because each system in it serves to further the purpose of the business to meet other’s needs in unselfish and profitable ways.

In order for us to live profitable lives, we must adopt the unselfish thinking of seeking to meet the needs of others. We must ask and discover what God has for us to do to bless those around us. What gifts and skills has He given us to employ in serving Him to further His purpose? 

This is radical thinking but I believe it gives us hope to live for something more than providing for our own needs or thinking that life consists of a nine to five job, watching television, getting the latest gadget, and going on vacations. Ancient households had to produce enough to sustain the entire household and the household had to be managed well to continue to expand.

We must change from consumer to producer thinking, so that what we do produces more and we can live abundant lives. Jesus promised us super-abundant lives not lives characterized by a less-than mentality. Thinking everyone is out to steal from us and destroy us does not empower us to produce abundantly. Selfish thinking does not come from God. Jesus came that we may have life. If we serve Him according to His will and purpose, we will experience life. 

Too long have we given up all the great benefits of being alive with purpose as thriving businesses must be to succeed. It’s time to think and so act as those who will be judged by the teachings of freedom. It’s time to experience the security and profitability of conducting life in the household of the true and everlasting God. 

Jesus spoke parables about the virtue of running a household, and we are the household of God. Jesus spoke of a king richly rewarding a servant, whom He finds skillfully managing His affairs when his lordship returns. Our job is to complete our role as servants in Christ’s household. It starts with each of us individually assuming our responsibility for our hearts as the dwelling place of God’s Spirit. 

We must be changed first, before we can change our culture. This is the battlefield. Liberal, atheistic agenda proliferate because of work behind the scenes to change and deceive minds and hearts. Christ, however, will make the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our God as we obey Him in our thoughts and actions. 

Where Christ has prepared a place for us is our home. We need to learn how God wants our home to run and thrive under His Lordship.

Each of us must take responsibility to live profitable lives. That means having a mentality of giving and sowing, reaping and providing, reinvesting and creating.