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Noah, Us, Trump, and The Election

The old Motown lyric, “There’s no place to run…no place to hide” expresses obsessive love. While all may not be obsessed with love, many have some form of obsession. Some are obsessed with politics or hobbies; others, with music or other interests.



The U.S. election of Donald Trump did not solve the moral dilemma of American society. It would be wrong to let the results of any election lull us into complacency or blind us to the evil conditions in the world, which, if we are honest, demand a faithful response from God’s people. Jesus gives an awareness of times of trouble coming upon the world in order to deliver us from it, as He delivered Noah and his family. The way of salvation is through Christ’s death and resurrection and His well-message to us. He and His message give us the strength, confidence, peace, and all around wellbeing to endure.


In the case of the recent U.S. election, those obsessed with U.S. cultural decline may welcome Donald Trump’s win as a stop to a cultural slide into communism, even anarchy, but his victory provides no real escape and no place to hide from the social unrest of the nation, the influence of media propaganda, and the darkness pervading the earth.

That said, all that is happening in the world and what may be happening in our private lives can provide the opportunity for each of us to experience the greatest hope in all of history, the hope and reality of a deliverance infinitely more powerful than any personal obsession or evil worldly forces, as light is infinitely more powerful than darkness.

Real hope comes to us outside the political arena and outside the areas of our special interests though the Lord may use those to get our attention or teach us about the relationship He wants to have with us. The love of God finds us wherever we are and speaks to us in a still small voice, so that whatever tends to occupy our time and energy can be brought into its rightful place under the authority of Christ, in order for us to come to know God as our heavenly Father through the word of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Dire circumstances still pervade societies. Poverty, blatant immorality, racism, classism, and warring factions exist all over the world. Earthquakes in divers places and weather extremes are commonplace. Some say a greater economic collapse than the one in 2008 looms large on the horizon and could happen at any time, yet these signs in the earth and in the heavens are not meant to lead us to fear, hopelessness, or complacency, but to the salvation of Christ through His message of wellbeing, as when Noah, perceiving the waters of the flood, entered with his family into the safety of the ark.

Only Noah saw the waters coming before they became visible to all those living on the face of the earth. When everyone could see them, it was already too late. Daily drawing near to God sets us on a winning track not to be caught off guard by what is coming upon the earth or the Lord’s return. The best time to respond to external and internal problems is now, not later. God calls every man, woman, and child to completely depend upon Christ’s death and resurrection power for life.

When we hear the voice of Jesus calling us to come to Him and through Him to find the place of safety and peace in the presence (or tabernacle) of God, the proper response is to draw near to God while He may be found. In the secret place of knowing Him, His peace surpasses all comprehension, His word anchors our faith in heaven and gives perspective to the events on earth, and He lifts our hearts to serve Him with joy.

Only Christ provides the way out of the distresses that are covering the earth like the flood of Noah’s day. Jesus our ark carries us up and out of the depths, so we can stand with confidence and humility before God’s throne. He aligns us with His purpose to see everything in heaven and on earth under the reign of His Son and to obey Him in our unique situation.

It was somehow destined that whomever won the presidential election, one group or another would feel cheated and betrayed. Now, some say we have a racist pig as president, but if Hillary Clinton won, others believe her corruption would carry the world toward nuclear Armageddon. In any case, one president may be preferred but neither means salvation from things coming upon the earth.

We are living in perilous times, where the only place to hide is in the well-message of Christ, who said in Matthew 24:13-14, “but he who did endure to the end, he shall be saved; and this good news of the reign shall be proclaimed in all the world, for a testimony to all the nations; and then shall the end arrive.”

In what way can endurance and the news of the reign in the verses from Matthew be characterized as good?

The context above suggests that good news is the message of endurance and the confidence of salvation that accompanies it. The online interlinear New Testament translates the same verses this way, “the yet one-enduring into consummation this one shall-be-being-saved and shall-be-being-heralded this the well-message of the kingdom into whole the inhabited earth…” The well-message of Christ’s word to us is our salvation, and we endure through His well-message to us.

We find all the comfort and assurance of heaven in the good news or well-message of Christ as King. Christ and the wellbeing He provides enable our positive endurance into consummation. Whatever transpires in any country on earth, the well-message is our hope, our strength, our joy. It provides light for the entire world and infuses daily life with wholeness, peace, and victory.

The results of the U.S. election, whether the winner were Clinton or Trump, only serves to highlight the need to put all our hope in Jesus, who, despite the tribulation we may face, has already overcome the world. He has already overcome anything we will ever encounter. In Christ, we are more than conquerors. He alone is our strength. In Him only, we are saved.


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