The Sound of The Trumpet

If we happen to hear one person say to another, "Thank you for treating me”, and we only hear those words and nothing else, we most likely have no idea what brought about this expression of gratitude. We see the things around us as snapshots. We don’t see what came before or what will come [...]

How to Guarantee Complete Joy and True Fulfillment

Life is not a tightrope.  The way of guaranteeing a completely off kilter life is to try to work out the life balance mystery. This worldview, though popular, is foreign to what the Bible and Christ Himself advocates. Embracing the grace of God for all of life’s ups and downs and twists and turns guarantees [...]

How to Live Free in An Oppressive Society

Do people feel more alive when they are hunting Pokemon, watching a football game, or investing in publicly traded companies?  Central to human life is not Pikachu, the NFL, or the stock market. If any of these things or any other preoccupations like money, entertainment, hobbies, work, and vacation reside at the center of heart [...]

Changing Worldview For Life

Bruce Olson at 17 years old made his way from the midwest of the United States to the Motilone tribe in Bogota where he has invested the last 57 years. The tribe learned to walk in the footsteps of Jesus who has phenomenally transformed the people and their culture. He desires to do the same in [...]

Armor of God: Epicenter of Victory for Daily Life

Many years ago, David Wilkerson blamed the anemic preaching of God’s word in America for the judgment he saw coming upon the nation. If anemic application of God’s word brings His judgment, then a whole-scale return to the truth can be our deliverance. Truth is the sword God provides for us to live for Him [...]

The Best Time for Something Amazing

Some use the phrase “when pigs fly” to describe something wonderful that could not happen to a person in a million years, something truly amazing in life. The time, however, has come for all of us in Jesus Christ to experience life in truly amazing ways never seen in history on such a grand scale. [...]

Come To The Desert The Water’s Fine

Imagine walking across a desert with the sun beating down. Most of us would be looking for any place to escape from the exposure. Ironically, the desert is itself a place of escape and safety. Admittedly, it doesn’t seem to make sense. Deserts don’t exactly give us the safest feeling, but Revelation 12 talks about […]

God’s Goodness Really Can Give Us The Good Life

Do we believe that God only desires good things for us in our lives? This is a crucial question for how we view what happens to us on a daily basis and the problems that we face personally, in relationships, in our career, and in planning for the future. To experience God’s best, to know [...]

Think And Grow Fat

Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, said in every failure is a seed of greatness, but is it true? Is it true that you and I, if we can only learn the lesson that comes embedded in our mistakes, failures, and shortcomings, that we can become successful? Christ is the only one [...]

How Ego Can Help Us Achieve Our Goals

"Appetite is coming to dinner and he has a big ego”.   These words from Disney’s Ratatouille were not exactly the rally call the restaurant staff needed to shine as the amazing culinary artists they were. How about ego in our lives? Can it ultimately play a positive role for our happiness in living for God? How do [...]