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Promise, Protection, and Safety

Promise, Protection, and Safety

The Lord is looking for people whose hearts would be made completely His.

In four different places, the book of Revelation speaks of the Seven Spirits of God. In one reference the seven Spirits of God are being sent out into the earth like flashes of lightning, while the other three passages refer to the seven Spirits of God around the throne of God.



The seven Spirits of God are sent out into the earth and are around the throne of God, where He raises up those who serve him wholeheartedly and draws them to Himself. Since Jesus has overcome death and Sheol, He has the power to deliver His own from fear and to make them stand before Him unashamed. They respond to the promises of Jesus, and God protects them as symbolized by the image of a rainbow. God nourishes them and keeps them safe. They serve Jesus with outward sincerity and inward truth with a new heart and a new spirit.


The images are complementary. For the eyes of Adonai move here and there throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong on behalf of those who are wholehearted toward him (2 Chronicles 16:9).” Those who overcome, the wholehearted, stand before the throne of God because they have ears to hear the voice of Jesus calling to them. He acts on their behalf to raise them up and make them stand.

Jesus did this with the apostle John. When John heard the voice of Jesus as a trumpet and saw Him in His glory with a two edged sword coming out of His mouth and His face shining as the sun, he fell down as a dead man at the feet of Jesus (Revelation 1). Jesus touched him with His right hand and said, “Don’t be afraid! I am the First and the Last, the Living One. I was dead, but look! — I am alive forever and ever! And I hold the keys to Death and Sh’ol.” Jesus demonstrated His power to overcome both death and the power of Sheol with His word of life.

Then after John wrote the words of Jesus to the messengers of the seven churches, Jesus again spoke to him with the voice of a trumpet, this time opening a door into heaven in conjunction with the messages of overcoming. John’s experience of hearing the voice of the trumpet, being touched by the hand of Jesus, delivering messages of victory, and being called up to the throne of God form a pattern, demonstrating the result of listening, overcoming, and receiving the promised blessings of safety, provision, rulership, and escape for those achieving victory. God desires to bless all those who completely trust in the words of Jesus.

Consider the rainbow symbolizing God’s promise after the flood of Noah’s day. A rainbow also appeared in Revelation chapter 4 in connection with the promises of Christ to those who are overcoming. The rainbow surrounds the throne, as God’s protection and promise cover those who overcome in life through the authority of Christ. Not only that. The fourth living creature around the throne has the face of an eagle, which further points to God’s victory and deliverance of His people.

The eagle in the book of Revelation is associated with protection, particularly in chapter 12, where those who have overcome the accuser are carried away by an eagle to a place in the desert where they are nourished for forty-two months. During that three and a half year period, a trampling occurs until God’s people are delivered, raised up in victory. On eagle’s wings, God delivered Israel out from Egypt and He delivers overcomers from the face of the enemy. He also raises up on eagle’s wings those who put their trust in Him.

In Revelation 6, between the third and the fourth horse and the voice of the third and fourth living creature (the one with the face of an eagle), a sound occurs in the midst of the four, in the center of the throne of Christ.

The voice declares a positive message, not to harm the olive oil and wine, and a negative message about the hyper-inflationary cost of grain and barley. The reference to oil and wine and the fourth living creature with the face of an eagle indicates protection and wholeness of those who are pleasing to Him.

According to Hassidic teaching, the oil relates to the inner person or a person’s soul, and the wine represents the body or a person’s physical self. In Jesus’ parable of the virgins and bridegroom, olive oil characterizes those prepared for Christ’s return. In the more immediate context of Revelation, oil keeps the seven lamps lighted with Christ in the center.

God in His mercy has provided for us a picture of the blessings He has for those who are overcoming. Believers responding to the message of repentance burn brightly around the throne of the Lamb; having achieved victory, they are oriented to His will and purpose, not just inwardly but also in daily life as the light of the world. God, by putting in them a new heart and a new spirit, resolves the conflict between outward actions and inner condition. All who are in Christ are made whole and demonstrate the word of His salvation.

Those who are overcoming, standing on the sea of glass before the throne of God or sitting in Christ’s throne with Him, experience His presence and protection because their lives have become fully His. They live in His temple because of His promises. They dwell in light and so shine as lights or stars in the firmament.

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  1. My recent study and reflections from Ephesians about the light and power of the Spirit confirms, to m,e this teaching.


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