Successful consulting helps businesses succeed. Why shouldn’t you experience that same advantage for a robust  life?


It's For You If You Want These Things

God’s continual blessing upon your life.

Experience the sweet spot in life.

Know you are achieving God’s purpose.

Deep satisfaction in life because of Christ.

Confidence that even if the whole world is falling down, you will continue to stand.

Strategic Insight

One small change can bring  dramatic improvements.

What is that one thing?

Focussed influence can transform the entire picture.

Expect Results

No room for excuses.

Bearing fruit for life is the goal.

The Obstacle is The Way

The goal is to be truly alive.

The obstacle holds the key to making that happen.

Objectivity can make a great difference. We can be too close to see the forest from the trees.

Honesty and Integrity

After 15 minutes talking together, I will tell you how I can help you.

If you share that same confidence, we will continue. If not, we part as friends, no charge.


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What You Need to Know

On the purchase order page, you will see available times reserved for you to choose from. I will call you on the number provided (within the continental U.S. only please) at the time you reserve. Cancellations are only allowed 12 hours in advance.

Here are more important details:

  • Choose the best time for you.
  • Pay by credit card upfront, no charge if after 30 minutes you do not see the value.
  • If we continue for the hour, one half hour free additionally, totaling 1.5 hours.
  • Toward the end of the hour and a half, you share the benefits you derived from the consultation, a portion of which I can use as testimonial (only what you comfortably agree to).
  • No up-sell, no catches, no gimmicks.
  • See more clearly your own personal objective and confidently take the steps you need to move toward fulfilling God’s purpose in your life.