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Getting Back To The Return of Christ

Getting Back To The Return of Christ “Get back to where you once belonged…”, the line from The Beatles’ song Get Back, reflects an intriguing paradox. While the album containing the single was supposed to be a return to the Beatles in their simplest and purest form, it ironically became one of their most highly […]

One Thing For Treasure in Heaven

One Thing For Treasure in Heaven When a rich young ruler came to Jesus, the man told Jesus he felt like something was missing in his life. At first, Jesus told him to keep the commandments, to which the ruler said he had kept all of them since childhood but something was still missing. Then […]

Christian Maturity and The Fight for Life

In the United States and the world, the attempt for total dominance over thought and action by people with global ideals did not come into fruition over night. Fortunately, the movement appears not to have taken further root in the U.S. as the election of Donald Trump, an outsider to both Democrat and Republican political […]

Hope and The Number Forty-Two

We are now in what I believe to be a forty-two month period of preparation for Christ’s return, when victories are determined for the people of God, in anticipation of Jesus’ descent from heaven and the ultimate manifestation of His glory. This article explains what this assertion means and does not mean.   Summary: Because [...]