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The Great Salt Lake, The Grand Staircase, and Hurricane, Utah

The Great Salt Lake, The Grand Staircase, and Hurricane, Utah When I visited Utah early in 2016, I stayed in the city of Hurricane and drove into nearby Mt. Zion National Park, between the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon on what is called the Grand Staircase, the only place on the globe to view in […]

Getting Back To The Return of Christ

Getting Back To The Return of Christ “Get back to where you once belonged…”, the line from The Beatles’ song Get Back, reflects an intriguing paradox. While the album containing the single was supposed to be a return to the Beatles in their simplest and purest form, it ironically became one of their most highly […]

One Thing For Treasure in Heaven

One Thing For Treasure in Heaven When a rich young ruler came to Jesus, the man told Jesus he felt like something was missing in his life. At first, Jesus told him to keep the commandments, to which the ruler said he had kept all of them since childhood but something was still missing. Then […]

Home, Difficulties, and Opportunity

Home, Difficulties, and Opportunity King David said that one day in the courts of the Lord is better than spending a thousand days somewhere else. Adam and Eve enjoyed unbroken relationship with God as they walked with Him in the paradise of the Garden of Eden before their fall and separation to sin. There is […]

February 20, 2017

Today I was struck by something Steve Jobs said in an interview. To paraphrase, he was saying that the hard work goes into the process that happens between an idea and the product itself. I can see how this is the case in my own life. Having an idea is not the problem and neither […]

Opportunity To Draw Near to God

Opportunity To Draw Near to God I recently read a Harvard Business Review article by an author who studies learning disabilities. He concluded that the greatest challenge to people with learning problems is not the disability itself but the fear they experience in connection with it.   Summary: Each person has a choice about how […]

Wellbeing, Wholeness, and Satisfaction

Wellbeing, Wholeness, and Satisfaction A common greeting between English speakers is “How are you?” answered with, “Good thanks, how are you?” The interchange is a polite way for two people to acknowledge each other in place of stony silence. Expressing sincere concern and a genuine condition is not always a factor in the exchange. In […]

A Room With A View Inside Paradise

Do you have something you understand from an insider’s point of view, a favorite sport or hobby, a particular talent or skill? Avid football fans, for instance, speak with special insight about their favorite team, its coach, and the talent of individual players. A tennis enthusiast may speak of tennis as if no other sport […]

Truth for Living, The Art of War, and The Greatest Commission

An Old Testament belief that surfaces in the New Testament is that one generation may complete the work of the previous generation, what one generation intends, the next generation may fulfill. Solomon had both the privilege and responsibility to complete the work his father King David wanted accomplished. Solomon built the temple and brought David’s [...]

God’s Word And Christ’s Return

Because of what Jesus said to a rich young ruler, the man walked away feeling discouraged and downtrodden. The words of our Savior may have the same initial effect upon us, but believing Jesus says what He says to us because He loves us and only wants what is best for our lives produces the […]