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Opportunity To Draw Near to God

Opportunity To Draw Near to God I recently read a Harvard Business Review article by an author who studies learning disabilities. He concluded that the greatest challenge to people with learning problems is not the disability itself but the fear they experience in connection with it.   Summary: Each person has a choice about how […]

Christian Maturity and The Fight for Life

In the United States and the world, the attempt for total dominance over thought and action by people with global ideals did not come into fruition over night. Fortunately, the movement appears not to have taken further root in the U.S. as the election of Donald Trump, an outsider to both Democrat and Republican political […]

Noah, Us, Trump, and The Election

The old Motown lyric, “There’s no place to run…no place to hide” expresses obsessive love. While all may not be obsessed with love, many have some form of obsession. Some are obsessed with politics or hobbies; others, with music or other interests.   Summary: The U.S. election of Donald Trump did not solve the moral [...]