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Opportunity To Draw Near to God

Opportunity To Draw Near to God I recently read a Harvard Business Review article by an author who studies learning disabilities. He concluded that the greatest challenge to people with learning problems is not the disability itself but the fear they experience in connection with it.   Summary: Each person has a choice about how […]

The Sound of The Trumpet

If we happen to hear one person say to another, "Thank you for treating me”, and we only hear those words and nothing else, we most likely have no idea what brought about this expression of gratitude. We see the things around us as snapshots. We don’t see what came before or what will come [...]

How to Live Free in An Oppressive Society

Do people feel more alive when they are hunting Pokemon, watching a football game, or investing in publicly traded companies?  Central to human life is not Pikachu, the NFL, or the stock market. If any of these things or any other preoccupations like money, entertainment, hobbies, work, and vacation reside at the center of heart [...]