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Not settling for anything but the best means experiencing the blessing of all God’s promises in every area of life. The fullness of the Gentiles is a completion, victory being declared.

With victory, to those who overcome, come all God’s blessings.




Jesus gives us the tools we need and the dwelling place of safety and peace in Him.

By His power He meets us in the present, so we can walk confidently with Him into the future.

No other name in heaven saves but the name of Jesus. Victory comes by no other name.

God desires what is good and right in the lives of His people who serve others in service to Him. Service to Christ is the life of victory.

Thou Shall Prosper challenges false thinking about wealth. Reflective and self-effacing, Daniel Lapin describes the nobility and virtue of serving others.

The blessings of God, whether now or in eternity or both, follow those who serve Christ.